VIVACIOUS really rocks VIVACIOUS really rocks! AUG 2009

One of the best cheerleading group rocks the Kotex Roadshow, go go girls!
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We rocked the SWITCH World! We rocked the SWITCH World! JUN 2009

Fashion, Gadgets, Hot babes & hunks!
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Racing Queen busy promoting the priceless time piece.
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Samsung Road Show Congratulation! Cindy! OCT 2007

Cindy won the Title of Miss Malaysia Queen of the Year.
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Samsung Road Show

Samsung Home Appliances Road Show JUN 2007

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Excel Precision Annual Dinner JAN 2007

Excel Precision celebrates a night of culture!
It's culture night at Excel Precision. A wonderful time for us to showcase the excellent repertoire of talented dancers, singers, lion dancers by PrettyBusy. An interesting myriad of games and events was also prepared for the gracious audience at the dinner which was held at Park Royal.


Gold City Jewelry Center Promotion DEC 2006

Gold City Jewelry's new campaign now in all major airports.
The new Gold City Jewelry Center's new campaign is out, and this time they are flying to all the major airports in Malaysia. They came to us to find the perfect face for the campaign, and we found just that in the beautiful and talented Mary Wilson. Together with X2 Studio, we worked with the photography, casting and art direction of the campaign. Look out for us the next time you travel!


FFM Annual Dinner NOV 2006

The 2006 grander Annual Dinner graced by the Chief Minister.
The second FFM Annual Dinner that PrettyBusy managed for them is even bigger than the last time. Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon was present along with their other guests, and they were treated to a grand chinese orchestra accompanied by singers. To spice up the event, various cultural and modern dances was performed much to the delight of those in attendance.


Farlim Video

KimPretty Launches NOV 2005

PrettyBusy and KimPretty teams up for branding.
It finally happened! Two pretty brands along with W3RK Creative Bureau have joined forces. In an effort to raise the image of Malaysian made brands, KimPretty have called upon us to build up their brand. We immediately took up this opportunity to work with KimPretty to shape what will be the premier shoe brand in the nation. And our models are going ga-ga over their selection of shoes.


Farlim Video

FMM Annual Dinner NOV 2005

500 Happy Guests at the FFM Annual Dinner
A whole entourage of our entertainers was hired by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers to host their annual dinner. Over 500 odd guests were laughing, singing and dancing their way through the performances of our entertainers that include singers, dancers, western musicians and even comedians. Last but not least is the team at Velvet Productions, who assisted with the production efforts of the entire event.


Farlim Video

Intel Road Show @ Johor & Penang NOV 2005

Intel Unveils its New Technology and Direction for 2006
Intel once again dazzled everyone with their upcoming plans for the year 2006. Many new innovations were revealed at this roadshow that was held in Penang and Johor Bahru at prominent 5-star hotels. Present at these roadshows were usherers provided by PrettyBusy who charmed the audiences with their beauty and incredible repertoire of IT knowledge. We would also like to thank AP Communications who made this event possible.


Farlim Video

Farlim Group Promotional Video OCT 2005

The Sri Kristal property promotional video was filmed with our boys & girls.
In conjunction with the launch of Farlim Group’s new property, Sri Kristal, they have decided to shoot a promotional video. And they have enlisted the talents from PrettyBusy & Velvet Productions. Although it was a grueling process, our models said they had fun making their own mini movie. Thanks to Emanon Sdn Bhd - New Media & Branding.


Farlim Video

More Pretty Mobiles SEP 2005

The Pretty Mobile Campaign is launched with an additional 2 vehicles.

There are now 2 new Pretty Mobiles in the streets as the Pretty Mobile Campaign is launched. The new automobiles will accompany the existing 4 vehicles that are currently out on an image building campaign. All 6 vehicles will be driving up and down the northern region in order to spread the word on how to have fun with PrettyBusy.


Excel Glamour

Excel Glamour Competition AUG 2005

Contestants get their pictures snapped by us.
The race is on for the best hair style. Excel Glamour’s competition has attracted professional designers from all over and we were there to capture the action. PrettyBusy & Xenos Studio did not only assist with photographing the contestant but we also had a lot of fun.


Soon Hair Show

The Soon Hair Show JUN 2005

Our models introduce the all new water based perming technology.
The Soon Hair Show was held with pomp as the top designers and hair industry VIPs get together at Gurney Hotel Ballroom to witness the launch of the latest in hair perming technology. This method is completely water based and our models discover how to get the best curls without getting all hot and bothered.


Ms Tourism Intercontinental

A two month event filled with pretty ladies to promote tourism.
This year offers a whole new selection of beauties by Total Selection. We were there to organize the event which is held to boost the tourism industry and of course to be in the company of our yummylicious girls! It is two months' worth of eye-candy bliss. Who can ask for more?